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After Care

After completing treatment at Enlight, you will need support as you return to your daily life. Together we will create an aftercare plan to help avoid relapse and transition into an independent, addiction-free life.

What is aftercare?

Aftercare is a critical part of the recovery process. It involves creating a sobriety plan, including a sober living environment and a sober support system, individual and family therapy, and necessary medical follow-up care.

We help you establish a foundation in recovery during your treatment at Enlight, and continuing your recovery requires an ongoing commitment to healthy choices and decisions. Another definition of aftercare is continuing care. It is essential to continue the positive work started while at Enlight and stay motivated and in action.

Our treatment team works with you to create an aftercare plan at the beginning of treatment and modifies it as needed. An aftercare plan helps to understand the potential risk of relapse and the importance of living a sober and healthy life. Your aftercare plan will help you build on the foundation established during your time at Enlight and is critical in the early stages of recovery.

Issues to consider in creating an aftercare plan are: your life goals, reasons for staying sober; the benefits to you and your loved ones from sobriety; and the overall impact sobriety will have on all aspects of your life, including health, finances, family, and long-term goals. Understanding these issues can help resolve ambivalence and maintain motivation. An aftercare plan is also vital in addressing co-occurring issues, including anxiety, trauma, and depression, which require ongoing professional care.

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What are the components of an effective aftercare plan?

An effective aftercare plan includes structure, a daily routine, healthy and positive socialization and sober support, defining career and educational goals, continuing therapy, managing daily stress, and developing effective coping strategies for internal and external triggers to reduce the possibility of relapse.

A comprehensive aftercare plan also includes what to do in the event of relapse. The unfortunate reality is that many people experience relapse. A solid aftercare plan can help ensure that it is addressed quickly and effectively and gets people back on the road to healthy recovery.

The main focus of an aftercare plan is to reduce the risk of relapse, but it is also essential to know that relapse does not mean failure. Some clients choose to return to treatment if they relapse to address intense cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Returning to treatment can help refocus, so you can deal with stressors and triggers when they arise. Importantly, returning to rehab doesn’t necessarily mean an extended stay.

You will collaborate on your continuing care plan with your primary therapist. They will help you establish a plan and schedule that will work best for you and help you navigate your life in early recovery, leading to a rich, fulfilling, confident, and addiction-free life.

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