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alcohol rehab California

Overcoming alcohol addiction is more than just a treatment; it's a life journey. When it comes to advanced alcoholism, finding the ideal alcohol rehab in California will save your life. At Alcohol Services, we have designed a structured rehab protocol that offers gradual recovery programs. These include:

Medical detoxification

Medical detox is essential before beginning the CA inpatient drug rehab and addiction treatment. Most addiction victims require some form of detox prior to rehab to:

  • Cleanse the alcohol toxins from their system
  • Restore the opioid receptors to normal
  • Reset the addicted brain
  • Reduce the impact of withdrawal and minimize the symptoms
  • Clear the mind, reduce cravings, and calm the spirit

For the best and fastest results, we provide personalized detox services under continuous supervision. Our clinicians will monitor your progress throughout the detox phase, making sure everything goes as planned.

Inpatient program

The inpatient treatment is a core component of our California drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs. It relies on placing the patient in a controlled rehab environment, where our professionals can supervise the recovery process for safety and effectiveness reasons. The program's length may vary depending on several factors, including your progress, mental state, medical status, willpower, etc. Whether it's two weeks, 30 days, 60 days, or more, the goal is to help you overcome addiction and heal physically, mentally, and spiritually in the process.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP is a step-down level of treatment focused on promoting sobriety, healthy living, and a clean, alcohol-free lifestyle. It generally requires your presence five days per week for specific substance addiction services, therapy, and counseling sessions. You may also need to undergo alcohol tests to ensure sobriety, along with individual and group sessions, including 12-Step meetings.

Outpatient Program

The Outpatient Program takes over the rehab treatment from where IOP left it. It is ideal for people who have completed more intensive recovery programs like inpatient programs and IOP. It relies on weekly meetings for treatment and therapy, and it allows you to meet your treatment goals while remaining socially active. During the Outpatient Program, you will be able to fulfill your job-related obligations, continue your education tasks, and remain close to your family.

Sober Living Program

The Sober Living Program promotes clean, healthy living after treatment. It is a fundamental part of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment in California, placing patients in a home-life environment after rehab. This will help them learn the perks of sober living as they're doing house chores, becoming more responsible, confident, and independent. It is a program for social reintegration with outstanding benefits for recovering addicts. We also offer Aftercare support promoting sobriety, relapse prevention education, and a healthier lifestyle moving forward.

At Alcohol Services, we offer personalized alcohol rehab in California for fast and sustainable recovery. Call our counselors at 844-454-5940, ask us about our rehab programs, and we'll be happy to take you through the treatment process. Let's talk and make plans for an alcohol-free future together!

alcohol rehab California