Benefits of Aftercare Treatment For Drug Addiction

Aftercare treatment plays an important role in supporting individuals who have completed their rehab addiction treatment and are continuing on their path to recovery and sobriety. An effective aftercare program can provide ongoing support, resources, and guidance to maintain sobriety as they work through the early stages and first several months and longer post-rehab. 

Learn the specific benefits aftercare treatment can provide for substance abuse.

Benefits of Aftercare Substance Abuse Treatment

Provides Access to Community-Based Support Services

An aftercare treatment program provides access to support groups located within the community. Support groups play an important role in maintaining sobriety from drug abuse for the long term and can include groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and others. These groups provide a safe space within the community and a supportive environment to have peers who can relate to various struggles associated with drug or alcohol addiction.

Extends the Addiction Treatment and Care

While an inpatient rehab facility is extremely effective and provides individuals with the various coping skills needed to overcome addiction, aftercare programs provide continued support throughout life and ongoing care. This continuum of care ensures individuals have the resources needed to navigate life’s hurdles, including triggers and stressors. It can also provide a form of ongoing therapy, whether it’s through recovery meetings or private sessions and discussions.

Relapse-Prevention for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Aftercare programs focus on relapse prevention, providing individuals with an opportunity to continue building the skills they learned in rehab throughout their recovery journey. This can take the form of group therapy sessions to enhance problem-solving skills and maintain strategies for managing stress.

Provides Structure

Structure throughout the day and/or week can be an important part for many in staying sober, especially at the beginning of their journey to recovery. By participating in an addiction aftercare program, individuals can have access to consistent meetings and programming that gives them the structure they need.

Promotes Personal Growth

Lastly, aftercare programs create opportunities for individuals to continue growing as a person. They have the ability to meet with others, expand their group of friends, learn about new healthy hobbies and self-care routines, learn new coping strategies, and evolve their sense of purpose in the world. It can also help them to have feelings of optimism that sobriety for life is possible. 

The above benefits are just a few of the ways an aftercare treatment program can help you or specific family members continue to maintain sobriety through life.

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- Reviewed by Lilit Asulyan, Psy. D

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