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what is addiction recovery, a cup full of blue pills turned over on a table, with a pile on the table

What is Addiction Recovery?

Substance abuse treatment can be scary. No matter your addiction history, mental health history, and medical health, recovery is a process of change. It’s never too late to seek the
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how long is inpatient eating disorder treatment, a scale with a measure tape for measuring body dimensions resting on top

How Long is Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment?

If you struggle with an eating disorder, you aren’t alone. In the United States, around 28.8 million Americans (9% of the population) are currently struggling with an eating disorder or
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center for addiction and mental health

Center for Addiction and Mental Health

When exploring treatment centers, you may be wondering what resources are available to you.  While your specific treatment center will likely have plenty of resources for you, there are a
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detox spelled out in letters on a blue plate, California drug detox

What to Expect from a California Drug Detox

Substance abuse is all-consuming, often affecting every facet of everyday life. It is tumultuous for individuals suffering from addiction and their families, but the decision to go to drug rehab
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a woman smiling in the sunshine, detox in california

Is Detox in California Right for Me?

Choosing to seek addiction treatment for substance abuse is a challenging, yet rewarding, decision that can lead to a future of peace and sobriety. For most people overcoming substance abuse,
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a photo of palm trees with a sunset in the background, california detox center

5 Things to ask Your California Detox Center

Finding the right detox treatment center for substance abuse can be overwhelming and confusing. There are many treatment centers, each with a nuanced approach to addiction treatment. These five questions
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