Can Broken Dreams Create a Profound Future?

When we were young, none of us ever said: “When I grow up, I want to be an addict.” Yet here we are, proverbial slaves to our substances. Life rarely turns out according to plans. Yet many people have changed the world by accident, or from hitting their rock bottom. While life feels hopeless when we are awakening from our addiction, it may just be that we are getting ready to change the world. Certainly, we can change our world. From our broken dreams, we can create a profound future.

There are plenty of people who failed, or accidentally found success on their way to changing the world. Consider the following:

1) The Discovery of Penicillin– Penicillin was discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming, a Scottish researcher. He was working at St. Mary’s Hospital in London in 1928, studying the influenza virus. He had a reputation of being a bit careless in the laboratory.

Fleming went on holiday for two weeks, and when he returned, he found that one of the culture plates had been accidentally contaminated and grew a white, fuzzy mold. Upon further infection, he realized that the mold prevented the growth of the bacteria.

Because of his failure to do his job correctly, Fleming discovered penicillin, which has saved countless lives since then.

2) The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll– As a boy, Elvis Presley was not very successful, even failing music classes. He wanted to be a singer, but his father told him he had to get a job. He worked first at a machinist shop, then got a job as a truck driver.

During this time, he tried to join a band but was infamously told that he wasn’t going anywhere as a singer and that he should go back to truck driving. He tried joining a vocal group but was told that he couldn’t sing.

We all know how his story went from here, as he not only became one of the most beloved and iconic recording artists of all time, but he also changed music forever.

3) Unbreakable Glass – Discovered by French scientist and artist Edouard Benedictus, in the year was 1903. Unbreakable glass was discovered when a flask made of glass fell to the floor. As Benedictus was on a ladder, he knocked the infamous flask to the floor. He heard the flask shatter, but to his surprise, it stayed intact without shards flying everywhere.

The flask had a thin film of liquid plastic from a previous experiment. It was from this fateful accident that Benedict created shatterproof glass, which has been saving lives on car windshields and more for over 100 years now.

4) The Queen of Jazz – Ella Fitgerald was a legendary jazz singer with an unmistakably beautiful voice and musicianship that was unparalleled. But she was not born the Queen of Jazz. She was actually born into poverty. Her mother died when she was fifteen, and her stepfather abused her. She struggled in school and spent time on the streets, working jobs with illicit businesses to survive.

It was during this dark time in her life that she decided to sing at Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater. From this point on, her career spiraled upward and she became the icon we know today. Not only did she bless the world with her wonderful music, but she was also a civil rights activist, winning the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

5) The Invention of the Light Bulb– Thomas Edison did not believe in giving up. In his efforts to invent the light bulb, he reportedly failed one thousand times. One thousand. Perhaps his determination came from the fact that as a child, he was called dumb and told by his teachers that he would never succeed because his mind would wander when he was in school.

These things could have stopped him, but Edison didn’t let them stand in his way. And the very light by which we are reading this right now is made possible by his determination. He famously said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” The moral of this story is never give up.

All of these people started out as ordinary people, just like us. From their failures and accidents, they changed the world and blessed all of us with their unique talents and strengths. Maybe our path doesn’t lead us through a laboratory or a recording studio. Maybe our path is to simply change our world and become the best version of ourselves we can be. Perhaps our broken dreams will lead to a profound future for ourselves, even if we do not become world-famous for it.

The most important part of our success story is that we never give up. Reach out to us today at (805) 719-7954 to speak to one of our admissions experts and together with the extensive experience of the Enlight Recovery staff, you can change your “rock bottom” into a profound future.

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