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Cocaine Detox

Substance abuse is a scary thing, and if you’re suffering from it, you aren’t alone. Navigating detox and treatment for the first time can be scary, but there is a sober life on the other side of recovery.

At Enlight Treatment Center, we work with recovering users to ensure that treatment meets your needs and your recovery journey.

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About Cocaine Addiction

You may have heard the term “crack cocaine” to refer to cocaine. While the drugs do look different, they both have the same similar compounds and ingredients. 

It is derived from the coca plant, and has highly addictive components. Due to the nature of cocaine, it can cause addictive behaviors after just one or two uses. 

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, at least 1.8 million Americans aged 18 and older are current cocaine users. American Addiction Centers estimates that over 5 million Americans have used cocaine at some point in their lives. 

No matter where you are in your addiction and substance abuse journey, long-term recovery is still possible for you! 

Cocaine Withdrawal and Detox Process

For many patients, the detox symptoms from cocaine are primarily psychological withdrawal symptoms. Much of cocaine’s addictive properties affect the brain’s reward circuit and dopamine, meaning that energy and emotions are highly affected in withdrawal. 

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

While the withdrawal symptoms and severity vary based on the person, here are some common symptoms you may experience during detox from cocaine:

  • Most Commonly: Extreme fatigue, lack of pleasure, unpleasant dreams/nightmares, insomnia and frequent waking, and anxious thoughts or depression. 
  • Additional Psychological Symptoms: intense paranoia, feelings of suspicion, agitation, mood swings, outbursts of anger, and intense cravings.

However, withdrawal can also include physical symptoms like:

  • Body aches, pains, and muscle tremors
  • Exhaustion and physical weakness
  • Excessive sweating and chills
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rapidly increased appetite or loss of appetite. 

Can I Detox From Cocaine Alone?

Many people try to detox and overcome cocaine addiction alone. However, depending on how severe your chronic cocaine abuse is, and if you have another drug addiction at the same time, this can be life-threatening. 

When going cold turkey, many of the  initial symptoms can be unpleasant but manageable. However, if you have underlying medical conditions, detoxing alone can go from manageable to deadly within a few hours. Due to the physically intense symptoms, you may need additional support to manage hydration levels, electrolytes, heart rate, and blood pressure. 

What Does Cocaine Detox Involve?

When you first arrive at a treatment program, you will likely be taken through an intake process. Here you will meet with the treatment team to discuss your substance withdrawal. 

You will likely be asked questions about your medical history, family history, mental illness history, and about when your last dose of cocaine was and if you use any other substances. It is important that you answer these questions as honestly as possible to receive the best treatment. 

You will then be admitted into the treatment center to begin the medical detox process. You will be monitored around the clock by health care providers to ensure you do not have increased risk of suicidal thoughts, and that you are comfortable while you detox.

You may also be offered medication assisted treatment, which involves the addition of safe medications that alleviate withdrawal symptoms and cut the brain’s reward circuit and need for cocaine. 

After Detox from Cocaine

Once you have successfully detoxed, you will likely need additional support to recover from your cocaine use. Your treatment center may offer additional styles of programming. 

Types of Recovery Programs

Inpatient Treatment: An inpatient treatment program allows you to live at the treatment facility while you continue to receive support. You may get individual behavioral therapy, group therapy, or other therapeutic activities. These therapies can help address the mental health issues surrounding your substance abuse. This type of programming is vital in early recovery. 

Outpatient Treatment: An outpatient treatment program allows you to live at home while attending the daily programming for a few hours each day. This style of programming is best if you have a good emotional support system at home. The recovery journey is long, and outpatient treatment allows for additional time to prevent relapse and create healthy habits. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: This treatment model is a unique way to address other mental health challenges in addition to substance use. Often, addiction comes with additional mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders. We use cognitive behavioral therapy and other methods to help clients address other disorders that occur with their substance use. 

Cocaine Addiction Treatment With Enlight Treatment Center

Addiction to cocaine is serious, but we can help you detox safely. Enlight Treatment Center works with you to ensure that you can live your best life without the need for addictive substances. 

Overcoming cocaine addiction is within your reach with our innovative addiction treatment services. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment program. Our team is ready to answer your questions or help you verify your insurance coverage.

Recovery awaits you…

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