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Enlight Treatment Center is a leading facility for gambling addiction in Ventura with state-of-the-art amenities and a dedicated clinical team. With the highest success rates, we have helped numerous individuals battling gambling addiction overcome their behavioral and mental health disorders.

Is compulsive gambling a mental disorder?

Addiction of any sort falls under the broader category of behavioral disorders. In several cases, a behavioral issue stems from an underlying mental health disorder. While compulsive gambling itself is not a mental disorder, it has a close connection to mental health issues nonetheless.

Can gambling addicts ever be cured?

Treating gambling addiction can be challenging, but those who seek treatment have come out of it successfully. Receiving group therapy and support for gambling addiction at our treatment centers can help you overcome your behavioral shortcomings and mental disorders. At our rehab, we conduct and moderate gambling support groups weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly.

How do I break my gambling addiction?

We use a combination of counseling, individual and group therapy, and support group programs to help individuals break free from their chains of addiction.

What is a gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is an uncontrollable urge that causes an individual to gamble without any regard for the toll it could take on his/her life, career, image, and family.

How gambling affects the brain?

Gambling stimulates the brain’s reward system like drugs or alcohol and is a common impulse control disorder.

Do I have a gambling addiction?

If you experience an obsessive preoccupation with gambling or find the need to gamble by betting more amounts of money, you may have developed a gambling addiction. Similarly, finding it impossible to control, cut back, or quit gambling or feeling restless or irritable when not gambling are the other warning signs of gambling addiction.

What are the effects of gambling addiction?

Incurring massive financial debts over time is one of the first and foremost effects of gambling addiction. The average debt that an addict owes ranges between $40,000 and $80,000. You also risk losing your job as a result of missing work or neglecting responsibilities. In worse cases, gamblers engage in stealing, robbery, or fraudulent activities to fund their gambling addiction.

Do I have a fun compulsion or gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction can be of multiple types, from social and recreational to compulsive or pathological. Social gamblers tend to gamble less often as they use it for recreation, while compulsive gamblers have no control over the amount of time or money they pour into it. Social gamblers are reasonable and play it more calculatedly. They also know when to pull back without losing too much money. Compulsive gamblers end up incurring increasing debts and put themselves and their families in financial distress.

Call us at 1-866-604-0727 to receive help for gambling addiction in Ventura. Enlight Treatment Center is an upscale treatment facility set in a serene and breathtaking location. With the finest amenities, our rehab offers a safe, calming, and supportive environment for individuals to focus on healing from their behavioral shortcomings.

gambling addiction Ventura

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gambling addiction Ventura

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