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Deciding to accept the help afforded from seeking treatment for substance addiction is a decision to invest in the future health and wellbeing of both the individual and their families. Unlike some purchases where benefits can wane over time, this is a decision that can have a positive effect both now and for years to come. But it is not without cost, and unfortunately, that cost often causes people to avoid seeking treatment out of fear of how to pay for drug rehab 

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An Introduction to Paying for Drug Rehab

Rehab is an investment.  It is an investment in your future health and the overall wellbeing of yourself and your family. The decisions regarding how to pay for drug rehab should be approached in much the same manner as any other significant financial decision, or similar decision would be. It is essential to investigate all payment options open to you and your family before making a choice. 


The cost of rehab will vary significantly depending on the level of care needed, the amenities offered at a program, and the type of treatment required. Residential treatment programs provide the highest level of care and, therefore, are often the costliest. Conversely, outpatient programs are less expensive; however, depending on your addiction, may not offer enough support for sustained recovery. Whether or not you have insurance, there are several options available to help cover the cost of rehab. Some of these include insurance, private pay, and personal loans. Each rehab in Ventura County may be different in terms of insurance companies they work with, so be sure to contact them directly to see what options they offer. 

A Introduction to Insurance

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Drug Rehab

Not so long ago, insurance companies and their plan administrators could choose whether or not to offer coverage for rehab (alcohol or substance abuse) as part of their plan options. This meant many who desperately needed treatment for addiction and related disorders, were forced to forgo much-needed therapy due to the inability to pay. Fortunately, times have changed. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are now required to consider addiction services as part of their essential medical benefits.

According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, insurance companies are no longer allowed to choose to provide or not provide addiction treatment services. As a result, many who enter a rehab program have insurance and the plans they have to provide addiction care. It makes sense to use these plans to cover treatment, but there are a few insurance related caveats to consider.

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An Overview of Insurance Policies​

As previously mentioned, not all rehab facilities accept all insurance policies. Insurance providers often try to keep costs at a minimum by providing lists of approved providers (think “in-network” and “out of network”). These approved providers accept smaller payments from the insurance company for treatment programs in return for the expectation that patients will come to their program because insurance will pay for treatment. While this works well for insurance companies, it doesn’t always work for consumers. Due to in-network and out-of-network restrictions, consumers may not be able to use the provider they feel most comfortable with as their insurance company does not approve the facility. 

If your insurance company approves your chosen rehab facility, the benefits can be significant. Depending on the plan level you have, coverage can range from sixty to ninety percent of your charges. 


Medicare eligibility requires a person to be over the age of sixty-five and/or disabled. If an applicant is disabled and under age sixty-five, they may still be eligible. This insurance will cover substance abuse treatment provided it is deemed medically necessary, treatment is received from a Medicare-approved provider (facility), and your provider sets up your plan of care. There are also limitations and guidelines related to which plans parts cover certain aspects of treatment and which parts of treatment may not be covered. 

Understanding your coverage and what your insurance benefits entitle you too can be difficult. Don’t try to understand confusing and convolute insurance policies on your own. Enlight Treatment Center, a drug treatment center in Ventura County, California, specializing in addiction treatment programs tailored to meet each person’s individual needs. If you are ready to seek treatment for your addiction but not sure if your insurance will cover treatment, contact Enlight today. Together we will work through the admissions process and your first steps towards sobriety. 


To be eligible for Medicaid benefits, you must be over the age of sixty-five, under the age of nineteen, pregnant or a parent, and within a specific household income range. Medicaid does cover substance abuse treatment, but not all treatment facilities accept this insurance. Be sure to contact yours to determine their Medicaid standing if you plan to use this benefit. 

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Alternative Payment Methods

How Do I Pay for Rehab Without Insurance?

If you do not have insurance coverage in the form of private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, there are other options available to help cover the costs of addiction treatment. These options include case pay (or private pay) and personal loans through a financing institution. While these options may initially seem more costly than what would be incurred by an insured individual, this may not be the case. 

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Cash or Private Pay


Those individuals and families who choose to (or have no other option to) pay for care out of pocket can avoid some of the challenges related to insurance benefits. Since they are considered private pay, they do not need to ensure their chosen provider is acceptable to their insurance provider. Also, they do not need to worry about fees or unexpected charges their insurance company may not cover. 

Some addiction treatment centers may offer certain discounts and other benefits to cash patients, so be sure to check with your chosen rehab facility to see what opportunities there may be. Also, the treatment facility may offer financing plans that allow you to make payments during your treatment and after your discharge to help spread the cost of treatment out over a longer time.


Another option for those who are uninsured may be personal loans. These may work well for patients who cannot afford to make monthly payments but are unable to pay in other ways. Families who pay for their treatment through a personal loan may be able to receive discounts for paying in full for their treatment program while being able to pay back the loan in smaller increments to a financial institution. 

How Can I Get Help With Rehab Costs?

As the stigma associated with addiction treatment continues to decline, the availability of information regarding rehab has become much more readily available. There are many avenues to obtain information regarding how to finance your treatment.

A few options include contacting your primary care provider, the local Department of Health, your local human services offices, church organizations, your therapist, and local recovery groups, to name a few.

how to pay for drug rehab

Premiere Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services in California

How Enlight Can Assist With Paying for Rehab

Many addiction treatment programs in California cost $50,000 or more for a thirty-day stay. If you are insured, this could still leave you with a significant out of pocket expense in terms of co-pays for other unexpected expenses. Also, if you are without insurance, $50,000 can be figured significant enough to ward people off seeking treatment. At Enlight Treatment Centers, we offer quality treatment at a much lower rate. We will work with your insurance provider to ensure the lowest possible out of pocket costs to you when seeking treatment for substance abuse. If you are uninsured, we offer options to help further reduce the cost for cash-pay patients.

The decision to go to rehab can be challenging. Establishing how to pay for drug rehab and how to get help paying for rehab costs only adds to the confusion. In many cases, fear arising from how to pay for drug rehab will cause people to avoid seeking treatment out of concerns related to the cost of rehab. Don’t let these fears keep you from seeking treatment and starting down the path to sobriety. Freedom from addiction does not come without work. Long term substance abuse often leads to other co-occurring mental health disorders and medical conditions that require treatment at a skilled addiction treatment facility to resolve in a safe and healthy manner. 

If you are ready to seek treatment for your addiction, don’t allow concerns around paying for rehab prevent you from contacting Enlight Treatment Centers in Ventura County, California today. 

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