Importance of Mental Health Awareness

As each year passes, the importance of mental health awareness becomes more apparent. In fact, an entire month (the month of May) is dedicated to mental health awareness. This is when people educate others on mental health, what it is, and how to preserve it.

Thanks to more research and attention, more people have become aware of their mental health and how to keep it healthy. 

Despite the recent progress society has made, we are yet to discover so much about our mental health and how it can affect every aspect of our lives.

But why is mental health awareness important, and why must everyone keep their mental health in check?

Studies have shown that the state of an individual’s mental health could determine so much. But most importantly, it explains their actions, decisions, and even their substance abuse

This article will discuss mental health awareness, how it affects individuals, and what connection it may have to substance abuse

But first, what is mental health? 

Defining Mental Health

Mental health refers to the emotional, social, and psychological aspects of every individual. In simpler words, it can be described as the healthiness of the mind. 

Mental health is so integral to every individual’s well-being because the mind is the powerhouse of every individual. It controls what they think, what they eat, what they do, how they interact with others, and all other small and large decisions. 

This is one of the reasons why the importance of mental health awareness cannot be underestimated. 

Why Is Mental Health Awareness Important?

As important as every person’s mental health is, few people understand how much impact the state of their mental health really has. 

Firstly, mental health awareness is essential because people still get stigmatized for it. If more people understand what mental health is and how it can affect people, there will be less stigmatization and more empathy. 

Secondly, there seems to be a strong connection between mental health and substance abuse

Is There a Connection Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse?

There is a clear connection between mental health and substance abuse. You don’t have to look further than the definition of addiction. Every addiction is a mental illness because it changes how people react, think, and behave. 

In addition to that, several research types have shown that some substance abuse disorders were co-occurring with mental disorders.

For example, Angela, a recovering addict, started taking benzodiazepines because she suffered from a bad case of anxiety. At one point, she couldn’t function without taking the pills.

Angela’s story is just one out of millions of other addicts who resorted to substance abuse to cope with some other mental illness. 

This story is one of the reasons why the importance of mental health awareness to the fight against substance abuse cannot be overemphasized. 

Now more than ever, research is dedicated to discovering the link between mental disorders and substance abuse that co-occur. The establishment of this connection between mental disorders and substance abuse is integral to treating co-occurring disorders

In the past, before dual-diagnosis became a treatment option, individuals whose substance abuse was influenced by their mental health were potentially unable to stay sober for long. In some cases, they relapsed as soon as their mental health deteriorated again. 

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