residential inpatient treatment in California

If you need residential inpatient treatment in California to cope with your addiction condition, Enlight Treatment Center is the perfect destination. We offer results-oriented detox services, holistic substance use services, and customizable rehab programs for immediate recovery and healing. Here are the five distinct aspects to look for in your rehab center of choice:

1. Patient-oriented care

Many rehab facilities offer standardized rehab care in rigid facilities via one-sided recovery programs. We rely on a different approach, consisting of patient-oriented programs, promoting comfort, stability, and positivity. Our patients get to recover in a supportive and conducive environment, underlying a personalized alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA.

This patient-centered approach is the most effective at ensuring long-lasting results and helping addiction victims remain sober over the years.

2. Comprehensive detox services

The detox process is integral to the rehab’s success. Our facility ensures targeted detox in a supervised and comfortable environment for a smooth recovery experience. Patients will undergo medical and psychiatric treatment while receiving personalized care and assistance. Our professionals will supervise the process and ensure your safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

3. Dual diagnosis treatment

The dual diagnosis program provides in-depth clinical and psychiatric assistance, helping patients cope with internalized traumas, co-occurring mental disorders, guilt, grief, anger, etc. The goal is to provide our rehab patients with structure and guidance as they fight off their negative emotions and feelings. The dual diagnosis program is a vital addition to our rehab protocol, providing premier medical assistance to people battling mental issues like anxiety, PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.

It is a necessary recovery program for people dealing with severe and prolonged addiction who have also developed some forms of mental health disorders with time. Long-term, it is one of the most useful tools against relapse, allowing patients to live healthy, balanced, and sober lives post-rehab.

4. Residential program

Our residential substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County is the first and most effective line of defense against addiction. It is an integrative form of treatment, placing patients in a controlled, comfortable, and secure recovery environment. This will protect them against triggers and keep them sober and comfortable in luxurious living conditions. The residential program has the highest success rates when it comes to measuring the number of addiction victims making a full recovery from addiction.

The treatment works best in conjunction with outpatient programs like PHP, IOP, or Sober Living facilities.

5. Comprehensive care and assistance

Substance addiction never comes alone. It often harbors other conditions like mental health disorders, co-dependency problems, behavioral issues, gambling and sex addiction, etc. Our drug rehab and alcohol treatment also offers gambling addiction and in-depth assistance to people dealing with multiple medical, psychiatric, and personal problems.

You can find out more about our unparalleled residential inpatient treatment in California at 1-866-604-0727 by speaking to one of our rehabilitation specialists. Contact Enlight Treatment Center, ask to discuss with a clinician, and make an appointment today. You can complete the intake process and begin the detox treatment as soon as you’re ready for a smooth recovery experience.

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residential inpatient treatment in California

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