What is Addiction Recovery?

What Is Addiction Recovery

Substance abuse treatment can be scary. No matter your addiction history, mental health history, and medical health, recovery is a process of change. It’s never too late to seek the recovery services you need, and live a life free of substance abuse. If you’ve never attended treatment facilities, you may be wondering what addiction recovery […]

SMART Recovery 101: Benefits & More

Smart Recovery 101 Benefits More

Mental health issues are among the most serious medical problems facing the healthcare system today. There are millions of people across the country who deal with a mental illness every day. Even though some people think mental illness is a sign of weakness, this is not the case. Thankfully, the stigma is starting to evaporate. […]

Running Towards Recovery

Running Towards Recovery

When anyone mentions running, most people might cringe, and while you don’t necessarily have to run, exercising is certainly something worth considering, when working towards recovery from substance use disorders (SUDs). While it may not be the only method that works to overcome SUDs, when it is combined with other treatment methods, it has been […]

What are Some Commonalities Among Those with a Substance Use Disorder?

What are Some Commonalities Among Those with a Substance Use Disorder

If you break down what the commonalities are of people who have substance use disorders (SUDs), you will likely find that the biggest one is that they all have a need to partake in substance use. They all have feelings that won’t go away until their needs are met, and their lives are very much […]

How Does Faith Play a Role in Recovery?

Faith Play a Role in Recovery

If you are someone who struggles with a substance abuse disorder (SUD), you might find yourself asking a lot of questions. How did I end up here? When did things go wrong? What happened to me? How do I stop this or What is my way out? There may be aspects of your situation that […]

Why Is Sharing Our Story Important?

Why Is Sharing Our Story Important

Something that can be very difficult for people entering treatment for addiction is sharing our stories. In front of other people. Out loud. It is easy to see why it would be hard for us. We have just made the most difficult decision in our lives after what feels like a lifetime of self-combat, and […]

Why Do We Need Recovery?

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Some of us have lost everything. Literally everything. All we have is what is left of our health, along with this chronic illness called addiction. Some of us act a little sooner than others, but the one thing we all have in common is that our addiction is in control of our lives, not us. […]

How Do I Learn to Trust?

Learn to Trust

Trust. It’s a powerful word. For some people, it seems to come naturally. But for many of us who have come from poverty, dysfunction, abuse, and/or addiction, it may be like a foreign language to us. When we add our own addictions, as well as the consequences of them, then it may seem like climbing […]

Recovery: A Song of the Heart

Recovery: A Song of the Heart

Our lives with addiction have felt so hard for so long. Empty and unfulfilling. There has been music all around us, but we have struggled to hear it. Or feel it. Let alone to be able to truly let it move us. When we are active in our addiction, it’s difficult to truly feel anything. […]

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