6 Signs of Drug Abuse in a Loved One

6 Signs Of Drug Abuse

While virtually any substance can be abused, some drugs have a higher risk of dependency than others. Certain addictions can be easy to identify, and others may take time to spot. Many people with drug abuse disorders do not realize they are addicted until they can no longer control their use. Some may try to […]

Addiction Treatment: How To Find The Right Program For You

Finding Addiction Treatment For Yourself

As addiction and substance abuse rates rise, so do treatment options. Addiction is consuming and can be fatal. If you or a loved one is struggling, get the help that you deserve. Addiction can manifest in many ways. Therefore, there are a ton of different treatment options available for those seeking help. It may seem […]

Crystal Meth: Signs It’s Time To Get Help And How

Meth Signs How To Get Help

Addiction can come in many shapes and forms. People can be addicted to anything ranging from drugs to alcohol, gambling, sex, and more. For this reason, it is important for people to be familiar with the impacts various drugs can have on the human body. Crystal meth, also known as meth, is short for methamphetamine. […]

Why You Should Seek Addiction Treatment In California

Why You Should Seek Addiction Treatment In Ventura Counts CA

More than 15 million Americans struggle with addiction. Different treatments can help people overcome addiction and lead a healthy, goal-oriented life. Here’s what you need to know about addiction treatment in California. Why Seek Addiction Treatment Out of State? Seeking addiction treatment out of state may be better than local treatment for some people because […]

Predisposition to Substance Use

Predisposition To Substance Use

You’ve probably heard about the concept of predisposition. Namely, that if someone, or multiple people in your family, have a substance use disorder (SUD), that you are more likely to experience the same outcome for yourself. This is based on a person’s DNA or genetic makeup. Predisposition is generally seen because of certain variations of […]

Which Professions are More Likely to Have Employees that Engage in Substance Use?

Which Professions are More Likely to Have Employees that Engage in Substance Use?

When looking at substance use disorders (SUDs), you look at the person who is going through this situation and wonder what happened to them and how everything started. Well, most of those who engage in substance use are actually working professionals. It is important to consider if employment is a prevalent culprit of substance use […]

Financial Impacts of Addiction

Financial Impacts of Addiction

Every year people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on various substances. Many people look at the cost of prescriptions as being exorbitant, however, in all actuality, the street value of substances far exceeds the costs of those purchased legally with prescriptions. For example, it was noted through a collection of data that at one […]

No One Wants to Have a Problem, but Do I Have a Problem?

do i have a problem

Denial. Blame. Regret. Guilt. Anything to keep us from facing our addiction. If we can hide behind words or emotions, then we do not have to face the facts. We do not have to do anything about a problem we do not think we have, and we certainly do not have to enter treatment if […]

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