When Should I Consider a Treatment Center to get help for Myself or a Loved one with a Substance Use Disorder?

If you are someone suffering with substance abuse disorder (SUD) and you are lucky enough to recognize that you are at a point where you can choose recovery over addiction, then you should certainly consider doing so. However, for those who are much deeper into their substance use, they may not be so lucky to take the steps on their own to get help. In these cases, help is often given from friends or family who care about their loved one enough to support them through the tough things they are facing and to continue to be there to see them through to the other side. As a close relative or friend of someone who uses various substances, you may be able to recognize when enough is enough and an addiction is either too serious or has gone on for too long and nothing else has helped them. This is when a treatment center becomes a real option to help aid in the recovery of the person with the SUD. You may also be in the situation where you know that there is a problem but you’re not sure if it’s time to consider a treatment center or if you should still try to find other options to help them get to a point of recovery.

Recognizing SUD Severity

Dennis Hopson has outline signs of alcoholism that you need to pay attention to in order to decide that it’s time for further help from a treatment center. While these characteristics of this SUD are applied to alcohol use, they are representative of addictions to other substances as well. Therefore, no matter the substance, if you find that your loved one exhibits these signs and symptomologies of a SUD, then it is time to get them the help that they need:

Legal Issues: some people with a SUD tend to end up in jail, having their driving privileges revoked, being required to pay fees and court costs, and end up with one or more criminal charges on their records, whether misdemeanors or felonies.

Blackouts: those with severe use may end up not remember what happened to them, how they got somewhere, and may sometimes unknowingly find themselves in dangerous situations.

Deteriorated relationships: those with a SUD that has been going on for a long time or has gotten out of control can be taxing on family and friends and can severely strain these relationships.

Choosing a SUD over responsibilities: if a SUD is severe enough, the person may begin to stop going to work, do poorly in school, and even stop taking care of their children, depending on the situation.

Increased tolerance: many people who have a long-lasting SUD often gain a high tolerance to substances which means that it takes more of it to achieve the desired effect; this can be dangerous and very expensive.

Going through withdrawal: if a person begins experiencing withdrawal symptoms because they are going without a substance, then their SUD is severe and should be addressed and treated. Symptoms include anxiety, hallucinations, flu like symptoms, headaches, and sometimes seizures, among other things.

Lack of control of consumption: being unable to go without the substance in certain situations or prior to, or not being able to stop usage during events such as when having a medical procedure done or being placed on other medications for health issues.

If you recognize any of these signs in yourself or a loved one, find someone to talk to and find a way to get help. At this point, getting help may be the difference between life and death should the SUD continue and worsen. It is understandable that life is hard and that there are many feelings that have to be dealt with, but substance use isn’t the way, at least, not anymore. You are so much stronger than you think and have the power to overcome much more than you probably give yourself credit for, and this truth applies to getting on the road to recovery. You can do it.

Call to Action

If you are currently suffering from a SUD, there is a chance that you may feel as though you have lost your way. You may not understand why you are where you are or how to find a way out. We want to help you get back on track. Make a personal investment in yourself and get help today. Having a team and really community of support to help get you through can offer piece of mind and a sense of security. At Enlight Treatment Center, we emphasize care and comfort and we want to be that team for you to help you overcome issues and get back to your best self. Whether you have questions or want to visit our facility and talk with us in person, we are always here for you. You can call us at (805)719-7954 or schedule a tour of our facility at 11811 Darlene Lane, Moorpark, CA 93021.

Why Do We Need Recovery?

Some of us have lost everything. Literally everything. All we have is what is left of our health, along with this chronic illness called addiction. Some of us act a little sooner than others, but the one thing we all have in common is that our addiction is in control of our lives, not us. We could continue down the path we are on, and eventually, become just another statistic. But for some reason, we don’t. For some reason, we choose recovery. Why?

Someone Else

We have seen the television interventions, and maybe ours was not unlike those ones. It is often one or more loved ones who care about us and see destructive behaviors and give us the push toward recovery. For some of us, that is enough, but for others, we may not have long term success when we enter recovery because of someone else’s recommendation, no matter how loving it was intended. Still, it is a wake-up call and a catalyst and is always a good enough reason to reach for wellness.

To Save Our Relationships

Ultimatums are very powerful in our decision-making process. It might be a spouse or parent or someone else in our lives that put their foot down and tells us to get help or get out. While this seems like we would always want a loving relationship bad enough to do anything to save it, addiction can be more powerful than even family bonds or other bonds of the heart. But saving a relationship is a great reason for us to choose recovery.

To Save Our Lives

We have had our fun, and now we have health problems. Serious health problems. Maybe even potentially fatal health problems. Perhaps our doctors have told us to sober up or we will die. When faced with our own mortality, sometimes, that is enough to jolt us into action. Despite the power of addiction, there is always a little part of us that wants to live, wants to be healthy. And recovering our lives quite literally is a very important reason to seek treatment.

Because We Really Screwed Up

Addiction allows us to do things that we would never otherwise do. Ever. Perhaps our rock bottom involves criminal activity. Perhaps while drunk or high, we caused an accident or someone died because of our negligence. Maybe we lost our job, our home, our family, and we have nowhere else to go. While in active addiction, we really screwed up, and now we have been startled by our actions into reaching out to get the help we need so this never happens again.

We Want to Be Human Again

Some of us just get tired of being a slave to drugs or alcohol. We get tired of feeling nothing and then numbing the nothingness. Maybe we are tired of missing out on the lives of those we love because our addictions pull us away emotionally and/or physically. Perhaps we just miss feeling… feeling true love, feeling raw, emotional pain, feeling joy and feeling sadness. When we look in the mirror, we don’t even see ourselves anymore, just a vacant face that is tired of having to find that next drink or that next fix. We want to feel human again.

For Us

The best and most powerful reason is when we Recover Life for ourselves. Self-motivation is one of the best recipes for success, particularly when it comes to addiction recovery. We are tired of being motivated only by substances, we want to have our freedom back. We are tired of disappointing or hurting others in our lives, we want to have our credibility back. We are tired of feeling alone, even if we are surrounded by others. We remember that we used to do and be and enjoy so many different things, and we want that person back.

All of the Above

Perhaps our choice is made by a combination of the reasons listed above, or maybe every single one of them. Maybe we have waited until the addiction has impacted every single facet of our lives. There is no wrong reason to choose recovery. We each make the commitment when we are ready. We all have different motivations and different ways we experience addiction. What we do share in common is the will to live, the desire to improve our situations and break free of our addictions. That motivation will drive us to recovery. And the sooner we choose recovery, the more of our lives we have left to truly live again.

These reasons are just a few of the reasons that we recover. But the external reason we choose recovery is not as nearly as important as just simply making the decision and beginning our recovery journey. We really only have our addictions to lose, and everything else to gain in life. What is the reason that you will choose recovery? That choice is yours. To take your life back, call us today at (805) 719-7954.