A General Guide To Your Addiction Treatment Options

Addiction Treatment Guide

Okay, so you’ve realized that you have a problem with addiction. Now it’s time to seek treatment. While entering a treatment program may seem intimidating, the truth is that it’s the best way to achieve long-term recovery from substance abuse. It’s also important to realize that modern addiction treatment is not a “one size fits […]

Addiction Treatment: How To Find The Right Program For You

Finding Addiction Treatment For Yourself

As addiction and substance abuse rates rise, so do treatment options. Addiction is consuming and can be fatal. If you or a loved one is struggling, get the help that you deserve. Addiction can manifest in many ways. Therefore, there are a ton of different treatment options available for those seeking help. It may seem […]

Why You Should Seek Addiction Treatment In California

Why You Should Seek Addiction Treatment In Ventura Counts CA

More than 15 million Americans struggle with addiction. Different treatments can help people overcome addiction and lead a healthy, goal-oriented life. Here’s what you need to know about addiction treatment in California. Why Seek Addiction Treatment Out of State? Seeking addiction treatment out of state may be better than local treatment for some people because […]

How Do I Break the Cycle of Addiction?

Break the Cycle of Addiction

Having addiction in our lives is difficult enough. But for some of us, addiction is familial and/or genetic. Meaning that to overcome our addiction, we must also break a cycle of addiction that has been part of our families, sometimes for generations before us. We face changing habits that are both learned and genetic, and […]

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Our admissions team is available 24/7 for those in need of treatment. Even if we are not a match for you or your loved one, we are here to help. It is a cornerstone practice of  Enlight Treatment Center to serve as a bridge between the community and treatment.