Predisposition to Substance Use

Predisposition To Substance Use

You’ve probably heard about the concept of predisposition. Namely, that if someone, or multiple people in your family, have a substance use disorder (SUD), that you are more likely to experience the same outcome for yourself. This is based on a person’s DNA or genetic makeup. Predisposition is generally seen because of certain variations of […]

How Do You Help a Child Whose Parents Engage in Substance Use?

Help a Child Whose Parents Engage in Substance Use

The National Institutes of Health noted that roughly 25% of children who are aged eighteen or younger are a part of a family in which at least one family member engages in alcohol use or is dependent on alcohol. This does not account for those children whose parents use substances other than alcohol or those […]

Nutrition in Relation to Substance Use Disorders

nutrition and substance use disorders

Those who suffer from substance use disorders (SUDs) often experience nutritional deficiencies due to the use of certain substances. Deficits in nutrition may be caused by both psychological and physiological aspects being impacted by the effects of various substances. Alyssa Salz, MS, RD, LD noted in her article Substance Abuse and Nutrition that for those […]

How Does Substance Use Change a Person’s Health and Physical Appearance?

How Does Substance Use Change a Person’s Health and Physical Appearance

Not surprisingly, individuals who engage in substance use are likely to suffer from changes to their overall health and appearance. Those with substance abuse disorders (SUDs) that have been using for a long period of time will not only have their entire lives change, but they can ultimately end up feeling and appearing like a […]

Running Towards Recovery

Running Towards Recovery

When anyone mentions running, most people might cringe, and while you don’t necessarily have to run, exercising is certainly something worth considering, when working towards recovery from substance use disorders (SUDs). While it may not be the only method that works to overcome SUDs, when it is combined with other treatment methods, it has been […]

What are Some Commonalities Among Those with a Substance Use Disorder?

What are Some Commonalities Among Those with a Substance Use Disorder

If you break down what the commonalities are of people who have substance use disorders (SUDs), you will likely find that the biggest one is that they all have a need to partake in substance use. They all have feelings that won’t go away until their needs are met, and their lives are very much […]

How do Substance Use Disorders Start?

how do substance use disorders start

People who have a substance use disorder (SUD) may not remember exactly how their disorder started or why, but there are a few safe bets as to how things began. Some individuals begin using substances because they are offered it and want to try it, they went through a traumatic event or they were experiencing […]

How Does Faith Play a Role in Recovery?

Faith Play a Role in Recovery

If you are someone who struggles with a substance abuse disorder (SUD), you might find yourself asking a lot of questions. How did I end up here? When did things go wrong? What happened to me? How do I stop this or What is my way out? There may be aspects of your situation that […]

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