The Best Books About Drug Addiction Recovery

The journey to sobriety is tough and to make it through, it’s crucial to have addiction recovery resources. These types of resources can include community, family, friends, and the correct information, like books! 

While your loved ones and community can help your recovery journey, reading books about addiction recovery is a great addition to your recovery work. While reading different books, you may discover something new about recovery you didn’t know before. It will also be encouraging to know there are other people going through the same thing you are. 

Reading books about addiction recovery can help you live an intentional lifestyle to maintain your sobriety. 

There are many inspirational books for recovering addicts out there but how do you know which books have the best (or accurate) information? 

Here is the good news, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 picks. These aren’t the only good books out there on addiction recovery, but if you’re a beginner, you can start from here. 

Top 5 Books About Drug Addiction Recovery

  • Integral Recovery By John Dupuy

This book is one of the most holistic books on drug addiction recovery. In his book, Integral Recovery, John Dupuy discusses treatment and sobriety in depth. 

He explores the most recent findings, researches, and methods used in treating drug and alcohol addictions. John also examines holistic treatment options for addiction and why they work. 

However, the best part of this book is the map to recovery and sobriety. The book also features certain practices that would keep you on a path to sobriety. 

On our list of books about drug addiction recovery, this book ranks high because of the information it contains. If you’re just starting your recovery journey, this book will be helpful.

  • Beautiful Boy 

Nothing is more gut-wrenching than watching your child struggle with addiction. Beautiful Boy is the story of David Sheff and his son’s addiction to meth. Beautiful Boy is one of the most inspirational books for recovering addicts. 

This book isn’t all gloomy with the trials of having a loved one who struggles with addiction. It also talks about recovery and how it can help families heal. 

If you’re a recovering addict, Beautiful Boy isn’t just for you, it is also for your family. It can play a big role in repairing the relationship between you and your loved ones. Consider reading it together with them. 

  • In Recovery from Trauma, Addiction or Both by Lisa Najavits 

Many addictions are fed by the echoes of past trauma. This book by Lisa Najavits is the perfect book for anyone diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder. It is an inspirational book that talks about the complexities of trauma and addiction. 

She doesn’t just explain the link between the two, but she also offers coping mechanisms and teaches how to set realistic goals for a healthy life. 

  • Codependent No More by Melody Beattie 

Another fascinating book on drug addiction recovery is Codependent No More. We love this book for recovering addicts because it addresses codependency. 

Many people live in the codependency gray area between using and addiction. Having a book that explores the different shades of codependency and with real-life examples or case studies will go a long way. 

In the book, Melody expertly explores what addiction feels like from a codependent’s point of view. It is honest, true and offers timeless advice to help you get through the tough days and maintain your sobriety. 

  • Impaired by Patricia Holloran 

Impaired explores the struggles of medical health personnel who struggle with addiction. The book is centered on the story of Patricia Holloran who battled prescription opioid addiction. 

This book shines a light of hope for other nurses and health care personnel that struggle with addiction. It also has lessons on maintaining sobriety for everyone who is a recovering addict. 

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All of these books have helpful tips on staying sober and clean but they don’t take away the importance of a treatment center. If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, seeking professional help at an addiction treatment center is your best bet. 

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