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Finding the right drug rehab program in Los Angeles can be difficult. Oftentimes, individuals are presented with many treatment centers, with a wide range of substance abuse programs to choose from.  However, the right combination of addiction treatment services and mental health services for you or your loved one is the best place to start.

At Enlight Treatment Center, we provide customized programs and straightforward information so you can ensure you are participating in an addiction treatment program that is right for you. Consider the following when selecting a Los Angeles drug rehab program and remember, we are here to support you on your healing journey! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions surrounding drug rehab programs, addiction, or how family and friends can support a loved one through this process.

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The Different Kinds of Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

There are a wide variety of addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles, and, in many cases, a rehab center can focus on more than one type of addiction. Whether it be drug addiction, alcoholism, or even gambling addiction, Los Angeles has a wide variety of treatment centers that can focus on one or several instances of addiction. 

The best program is the one that combines your unique needs to overcome substance use disorder.

Enlight Treatment Center: The Right Tools and Resources for those Overcoming Substance Abuse

It is important you are familiar with what kind of addiction treatment is right to overcome substance use disorder. Different forms of addiction, such as alcoholism, substance abuse, and gambling addiction, each have unique needs in a rehab facility. Beyond that, many forms of addiction stem from and contribute to extremely serious mental health issues. 

Certain treatment programs in Los Angeles focus solely on alcohol addiction treatment programs or substance addiction, while others are prepared to welcome individuals seeking addiction treatment of any kind. The right program is the one that heals the mind, body, and spirit with help from a knowledgeable and understanding treatment team. Overcoming drug abuse is quite a large undertaking, so selecting a rehab facility that is well-equipped to help with those challenges is essential to long-term success.

There are many facets to substance abuse, and a well-rounded program that takes on each facet with care and respect is of the utmost importance when deciding which addiction treatment facility is right for you. While the patient’s addiction treatment care is the most important factor, there are also several practical considerations when selecting the right program in Los Angeles. 

Aspects that make Enlight Treatment Center one of the top Los Angeles rehab facilities are the detox facilities, the qualifications of the treatment team, residential treatment options, acceptance of health insurance benefits, and our mental health services administration. Additionally, our location in Los Angeles makes our rehab center a top choice for those pursuing long term sobriety.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Los Angeles

In many instances, inpatient residential treatment is the most extensive addiction treatment available in Los Angele, and is one of the reasons that Enlight Treatment Center remains one of the top facilities in the area. 

Drug addiction is all-consuming for those suffering, and an inpatient drug rehab center provides the true break from the chaos of addiction needed to achieve long-term success. Our inpatient treatment providers will offer services like support groups, physical health programs, medication-assisted treatment, and an individualized treatment plan that can be extremely effective in the recovery journey.

Health Insurance Substance Abuse Treatment

The cost of drug rehab centers varies depending on the nature of the addiction and the services offered at the treatment center. An inpatient drug rehab center will err on the more expensive side, as this is the most extensive addiction treatment available. 

Thankfully, with the passing of the Affordable Care Act, private health insurance companies are now required to consider addiction services as part of their essential medical benefits. This policy is in effect in both Southern California and in every American detox center. Substance abuse is a public health crisis, and thankfully, every insurance provider views it as such.

You can find more information surrounding insurance at Enlight Treatment Center here.

The Enlight Treatment Center Difference: Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Substance abuse often brings a wide variety of mental health challenges. Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and personality disorders are common struggles that arise as a result of substance use disorders. 

The combination of mental health challenges, as well as substance about, tend to work off of each other and make the other worse. At Enlight Treatment Center, we offer dual diagnosis treatment program, designed to address both substance abuse and mental health. As patients work to overcome addiction in conjunction with mental health struggles, a dual diagnosis treatment plan can be essential to accomplish the patient’s goals.

Enlight Treatment Center: Los Angeles’ Premier Drug Rehab Center

As a premier inpatient drug rehab center, we take a holistic approach to offering our patients a full-scale recovery program. Our staff includes medical professionals, mental health experts, and even yoga instructors to address the several components of addiction.

Our comfortable facilities in Southern California offer a true escape from the everyday chaos of addiction at an affordable price. We ensure that each client receives personalized, comprehensive care for long-term success in overcoming addiction. If you have questions about our drug rehab facility in Los Angeles, or how we can help you overcome addiction, reach out to us at any time. We can’t wait to support you on your journey to recovery.

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