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PHP Treatment, or a partial hospitalization program, is one of many options of care available to those seeking addiction treatment. Every addiction treatment program is different, because every addiction is different! For the right individual, PHP treatment provides the right level of care that offers supportive resources while prioritizing independence and flexibility in addiction treatment. 

If you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from PHP treatment, read on to learn more!

What is PHP Treatment?

Partial hospitalization program treatment is the most intensive outpatient program available to those struggling with substance abuse. It involves daily visits to the treatment center, with the patient spending up to 8 hours at the facility in one visit. 

The visits focus heavily on medical care, but they go beyond just that to help with mental health care and physical wellness. Addiction treatment is a very sensitive time, and a partial hospitalization program will want to ensure that each patient is getting the most intensive outpatient program available.

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What is the Difference Between PHP and Residential Treatment?

Partial hospitalization programs and inpatient treatment are quite similar. In both instances, those seeking to overcome substance abuse are committing to full-time care from addiction treatment programs. However, in the case of PHP programs, patients do not live at the rehab center. They are spending at least 5-8 hours at the rehab center, but they can sleep where they choose.

Residential inpatient treatment involves a commitment to living at the rehab center, and a PHP program is the most comprehensive outpatient treatment available.

Does PHP Treatment Address Mental Health Concerns?

Just as inpatient programs combine medical treatment with mental health care, PHP programs work to extensively address mental health issues. Group therapy, family therapy sessions, and individual therapy are all part of the PHP treatment plan. 

Substance abuse is complicated, with a wide array of mental health issues forming before or after addiction begins. Individual and group therapy are so beneficial to substance abuse treatment, and our PHP program ensures that every patient has access to the medical and mental health services needed to overcome addiction.

How Long Does PHP Care Last?

Each patient is different, but PHP care is meant to be a short-term treatment. It seeks to address the most serious issues of substance abuse before a patient is ready to move on to a less intensive outpatient program.

 Depending on their progress, patients can spend just a few weeks and up to several months in a partial hospitalization program before they are ready to have less extensive, everyday care.

Enlight Treatment Center’s PHP Treatment Program

Partial hospitalization programs are designed to address the most serious and time-sensitive issues of addiction. The goal is to have those suffering from substance abuse overcome the most sensitive challenges before they are ready to move on to less extensive, full-time care. 

To learn more about PHP Treatment, or other forms of treatment that may be right for you or a loved one, reach out to us at any time. Our treatment program is thorough and affordable, and our team is fully-equipped with all the tools needed to help our patients overcome addiction, once and for all.

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