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Our Sacramento mental health treatment center offers mental health services for those with a dual diagnosis.

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Importance of Treating Mental Illness

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that an average of 44 million people in the United States experience mental illness each year, and over 10 million have a mental health condition severe enough to interfere with their lives.

Of those people, only a small percentage ever get the necessary help. Our Sacramento mental health treatment center strives to change that by offering the kind of health services you can rely on.

Untreated mental illnesses can worsen. People who have experienced trauma can develop conditions like PTSD if they don’t receive the right treatment, and those with anxiety disorders can experience crippling panic attacks. Those battling depression face the risk of turning to self-harm and suicide.

Not getting the right treatment can also lead to substance abuse. Drugs and alcohol can appear to alleviate the symptoms of mental illness when, in fact, they can make them worse.

Getting prompt treatment can help prevent the worsening of the illness, letting you learn to enjoy your life again.

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Our Mental Health Services

At Enlight Treatment Center, we offer inpatient psychiatric hospitalization services and medication management in a secure and therapeutic setting.

Intake and Admissions

To plan an individualized treatment program for your needs, we first conduct an evaluation. We will gather information on your mental health concerns, any medical conditions you have, whether you have a co-occurring substance use disorder, and anything else that can impact your treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

We recommend our inpatient behavioral health services for those who do not have a safe home environment or are a danger to themselves.

Inpatient care allows us to provide 24/7 care. Our medical staff can manage your medications as you participate in individual and group therapy sessions to get to the cause of your mental illness.

By having to remain at our center throughout the length of your treatment, you can focus on your recovery and not on everyday stressors. You can also remove yourself from unhealthy relationships or situations that can trigger you.

Behavioral Therapies

At our Sacramento mental health treatment center, we rely on behavioral therapy for the treatment of behavioral health conditions like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Eating disorders
  • Bipolar disorder

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you learn to identify negative thoughts and self-talk that can impact your mood and behaviors. Once you identify them, you can start changing those thought patterns. This is a short-term therapy option, making it an excellent choice for an intensive program like inpatient care.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is another treatment option we offer. It follows the same principles as CBT but also teaches you how to live in the present. It is best suited for people who experience strong emotions without knowing how to manage them. DBT teaches you how to accept the reality of your life while at the same time learning to make changes.

We also provide rational emotive therapy, an action-oriented therapeutic approach that can help you deal with irrational beliefs and learn how to manage emotions and thoughts in more positive ways.

Solution-focused brief therapy helps you focus on finding solutions to problems instead of concentrating on the problems themselves. It is a kind of therapy that does not require you to delve into your childhood or past experiences, dealing instead with making the right choices for the future.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

If you have a substance abuse problem along with a mental health condition, we can offer dual-diagnosis treatment services. These rely on individual and group therapy sessions to help you understand the factors that might have led to substance abuse and what may be preventing you from achieving sobriety.

By providing behavioral health services that address both conditions simultaneously, our clients receive the care they need.

Group therapy can be helpful when treating co-occurring conditions. Having mental health challenges as well as a substance use disorder can be isolating, so being able to meet others facing similar challenges allows you to understand that you are not alone.

We also offer detoxification services in a safe and supportive environment. The detoxification process can be complex, requiring close monitoring. Our medical team can decide on the best medications to assist you through the process.

Discharge Planning

Before leaving our Sacramento, CA, center, we will help you with planning your next steps in continuing treatment. Your treatment team will work with unwavering commitment to create a treatment plan that helps you engage with your community and continue therapy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure a safe environment for everyone in our center, we do have restrictions. We do not allow drugs, alcohol, or weapons of any sort. We also want to offer our patients the privacy they deserve, so we ask that you not bring cell phones, cameras, or similar items.

We offer luxury facilities at our center. Residents have the option of private or shared rooms, as well as access to community areas.

Our center offers large outdoor areas so you can bask in the California weather and has a variety of amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Yes. At Enlight Treatment Center, we know that addiction and mental health concerns can strain family relationships, so we provide therapy sessions to help rebuild trust among family members.

- Reviewed by Lilit Asulyan, Psy. D

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