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If you are looking for intensive outpatient addiction treatment, our PHP in Sacramento, CA offers the high level of care you deserve.

Finding the Right Level of Care

What Is PHP?

For the millions of people struggling with substance abuse, one of the factors that might prevent them from getting treatment is the inability to enter a residential program. It could be a matter of cost or of being unable to take time away from responsibilities that keeps you from beginning a treatment program.

To help you get the right care, we offer PHP in Sacramento at Enlight Treatment Center for intensive and effective treatment.

In contrast to a standard intensive outpatient program, a partial hospitalization program (PHP), sometimes called day treatment, provides care comparable to residential programs but without requiring that you stay at our facilities overnight. Partial hospitalization programs at our center require you to attend sessions most days of the week for a few hours each day.

It is a good treatment program for people who:

  • Have a safe and supportive home environment
  • Have a dual diagnosis
  • Just completed a residential program
  • Want to keep their employment

Unlike intensive outpatient programs, a PHP in Sacramento offers medication management services as well as intensive therapy sessions.

Making Recovery Easier

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program in Sacramento, CA

A partial hospitalization program offers the chance to maintain your privacy. Entering residential treatment means letting employers, friends, and family know about your addiction. Because you can still keep up with your responsibilities when participating in a partial hospitalization program, you do not have to share anything you do not want to.

PHP Sacramento services also allow you to put into immediate practice the techniques you learn during therapy. They also let you include your family in the recovery process, if that is what you want. Family members can provide support alongside your peers at our center.

This type of outpatient care is also more affordable than residential treatment. Don’t let money worries stop you from getting help.

Take the First Step

Our PHP Program

We begin with an initial assessment. By gathering information on your medical history, whether you have mental health concerns, and how long you have had an addiction, we can put together a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve lasting recovery.

Medication Management

If you need medication management services to curb cravings or to help with mental health concerns, we can provide them in our partial hospitalization program. With medical staff ready to adjust dosages, we can keep you comfortable and stable even in a day treatment setting.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Partial hospitalization programs can help you manage mental health concerns that occur together with substance abuse. We can help in the treatment of mental health concerns like:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Eating disorders

With the intensive support our PHP in Sacramento offers, you can benefit from individual therapy and group therapy sessions to help you deal with both addiction and a behavioral health disorder simultaneously.

Individual Therapy

The cornerstone of drug and alcohol addiction treatment is therapy. Therapy sessions can help you uncover the cause of your substance use disorder and teach you coping skills for everyday challenges.

Behavioral therapies at our center include cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps you recognize negative thought patterns so that you can make positive changes, as well as dialectical behavior therapy, which can teach you how to manage strong emotions and accept your current reality while striving to make changes.

Behavioral therapy encourages sustainable healing by helping you understand what is behind the challenges you face.

We also offer rational emotive behavior therapy, which helps you identify irrational beliefs and negative thought patterns that can lead to behavioral issues.

At our center, we provide solution-focused brief therapy as well. This type of therapy encourages you to focus on the future, not on past experiences, and focus on finding solutions to problems instead of concentrating on the problems themselves.

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows you to prevent isolation if you have an addiction, which is a common issue for people dealing with this complex but treatable disease. You can learn about the experiences other people have had as they go through recovery while also giving you a chance to build new relationships.

We also encourage our patients to participate in 12-step programs. They are excellent support services that can offer guidance at all stages of your recovery journey.

Family Therapy

Your family is an important part of your recovery team, so we strive to help you rebuild trust and manage any existing relationship issues. By offering family education, we can give your loved ones the information they need to help you and themselves through the recovery process.

Turn to the Intense Treatment You Need

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If you have an addiction, with or without co-occurring issues, a PHP in Sacramento can be the structured program you need. Offering intensive therapy sessions as well as the chance to put into real-life practice all of the techniques you learn, partial hospitalization programs can provide the right transitional support.

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Partial Hospitalization Program Sacramento: FAQs

A PHP can last three to four weeks. The exact length of your treatment will depend on your individual needs.

Our treatment center is spacious and luxurious. We have outdoor areas where you can enjoy the sun, as well as common areas where you can meet and speak with others. You have access to many daily activities, including art therapy, and the chance to relax by the pool between treatment sessions.

Your family can be as involved in your treatment as you want them to be, though we always recommend family therapy to help rebuild relationships.

Don’t bring large sums of cash, drugs, alcohol, or anything highly valuable. We also request that you do not bring phones or cameras so that our patients can maintain their privacy.

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