Alcohol and Drug Rehab San Jose

If you are looking for the right drug and alcohol rehab center in San Jose, CA, for you or a loved one to end the battle with addiction, you have found it.


Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment in San Jose

If you struggle with substance abuse issues and mental health, seeking addiction treatment for the first time can be scary. 

At Enlight Treatment Center, our staff works hard to find the best approach for you, to guarantee the sober and substance-free life you deserve! We can provide you with the addiction treatment you need convenient to the San Jose, California area.


Recovery Programs

Based on the drug and alcohol treatment centers you attend, treatment may look different. However, here are some of the common substance abuse and mental health services that may be available to you.


Medical detox is the first step for patients recovering from a substance use disorder. Often, many patients will try to go cold turkey and detox alone, which can lead to a life threatening medical emergency if not monitored.

Medically assisted detox, or medication assisted treatment, allows you to receive around the clock medical attention from a treatment professional. You will also be able to receive additional medical interventions to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Treatment

Usually referred to as residential treatment, this model will provide you with additional support and care after detox. You will live in the treatment center with other residents that are also in varying stages of drug addiction recovery.

In residential addiction treatment, you will be able to attend a variety of programs including support group sessions, process groups, individual therapy, and other therapeutic activities. Here you will be able to work on your substance abuse as well as any mental health issues.

Outpatient Treatment

This can also be referred to as intensive outpatient programs depending on the structure and rigor. You will be able to still continue your sober living and recovery process from your home. 

Patients will likely visit the treatment program for a certain number of hours per day to attend programming. 

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Many treatment facilities also offer services to address substance use and mental health disorders. 

Often, patients struggling with substance abuse may have additional mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. 

Enlight Treatment Center’s co-occurring disorder treatment program allows patients to receive quality medical care while also working on substance abuse-related issues and mental health treatment.

Dual diagnosis treatment is a unique approach used by treatment facilities to help patients recovering from multiple disorders.

Often, substance abuse can be triggered or intensified by other mental health issues. Some of these can include bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anorexia, bulimia, and other disorders. 

The rehab center will begin by addressing the substance use disorder and then move into treating the dual diagnosis. This approach allows patients to receive the care they need to recover from multiple disorders and develop necessary coping skills.

This is different from co-occurring disorders treatment, as that mainly focuses on treating other underlying conditions associated with drug addiction.


Drug Rehab in San Jose

Looking for San Jose treatment centers can be overwhelming. However, our treatment providers work to make addiction treatment attainable for everyone. 

At Enlight Treatment Center, we create individualized treatment plans that meet you wherever you are in your treatment journey. 

If you’re looking for a treatment facility local to the San Jose area, contact our center today!

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