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Dual Diagnosis Rehab California


A Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Program for Mental Health andCo-occurring Disorders

Dual diagnosis treatment centers address a unique need in addiction recovery: finding the balance between overcoming mental illness while addressing concerns associated with substance abuse. Our dual-diagnosis program in Ventura County is designed for clients experiencing mental health conditions alongside substance use disorder. We help resolve the root causes of these disorders and make long-term recovery possible.

Dual-diagnosis substance abuse treatment addresses both disorders concurrently, beginning with drug or alcohol use disorder and then mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and more. This program is essential as the two often exist together. (Note that Enlight Treatment Center also provides medical treatment for patients under our care during their addiction treatment. You can find more information on our co-occurring disorder programs here.)


Does My Mental Illness Qualify Me for Dual Diagnosis Rehab?

If you believe your mental illness makes it challenging to successfully overcome substance abuse then dual diagnosis treatment could be an ideal solution for overcoming mental health disorders while simultaneously receiving the treatment services you need to address your addiction.

Our addiction treatment center in California offers dual diagnosis programs that help individuals receive the mental health treatment they need while learning skills to navigate triggering situations where substances are involved. Our treatment center provides a wide range of mental health resources, which may include dialectical behavioral therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, and more. Furthermore, all individuals have access to our dual diagnosis treatment team that understands how to treat drug addiction and a mental health disorder simultaneously.

For those struggling with an eating disorder in addition to their addiction, we offer therapeutic services with eating disorder treatment professionals that get to the root of the issue. While an eating disorder treatment center may address eating disorders through intensive outpatient programs or a partial hospitalization program, these programs often do not address addictive tendencies found in eating disorder sufferers. Similarly, a drug or alcohol rehab program may address addiction exclusively without considering the mental health issues at hand.

Our unique program is skilled at treating eating disorders and other mental health concerns while uncovering the underlying causes associated with eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and other mental health conditions, alongside addiction.

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Treating Co-ocurring Mental Illness

The Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Those familiar with behavioral health will know that mental health issues often coincide with addiction. In fact, two of the most common co-occurring disorders are mental health disorders and substance abuse, and millions of people across the country suffer from both. Sadly, there has been a stigma surrounding these disorders for a long time. We are here to end the stigma.

Our residential treatment center provides multiple disorder treatment programs so you receive the support you need. At Enlight’s dual-diagnosis treatment center in Ventura, CA, we are proud to provide many evidence-based treatment approaches to help people in need through skillful integration of addiction treatment with treatment for personality disorders and mental disorders. The result is an arsenal of skills needed to make healthy choices in the future.

Taking the Next Steps

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

If you believe that dual diagnosis rehab may be beneficial to your recovery process, reach out to us at any time. Our addiction specialists can assess your addiction and the level of mental health care needed to determine if dual diagnosis programs are right for you! For many, dual diagnosis disorders provide hope and an option for sustainable sobriety and a healthy, happy future.

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