Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment centers address a unique need in addiction recovery: finding the balance between overcoming mental illness and addressing concerns associated with substance abuse. Our dual-diagnosis program in Ventura County is designed for clients experiencing mental health conditions alongside substance use disorder. We help resolve the root causes of these disorders and make long-term recovery possible.

dual diagnosis treatment

Treatment for Mental Illness
and Addiction

Dual-diagnosis substance abuse treatment addresses both disorders concurrently, beginning with drug or alcohol use disorder and then the common mental health disorders that accompany addiction. This program is essential as the two often exist together.

Our residential treatment center provides multiple disorder treatment programs so you receive the support you need. At Enlight’s dual-diagnosis treatment center in Ventura, CA, we are proud to provide many evidence-based treatment approaches to help people in need through skillful integration of addiction treatment with treatment for personality disorders and mental disorders. The result is an arsenal of skills needed to make healthy choices in the future.


Does My Mental Illness Qualify
Me for Dual Diagnosis Rehab?

If you believe your mental illness makes it challenging to successfully overcome substance abuse, then dual diagnosis treatment programs could be an ideal solution for overcoming mental health disorders while simultaneously receiving the treatment services you need to address your addiction.

Our addiction treatment center in California offers dual diagnosis programs that help with a variety of different mental health issues while simultaneously treating addiction. Those who suffer from the following disorders are prime candidates for this type of treatment:


The Link Between Mental Health and Addiction

When dealing with addiction as well as mental health issues, there are several ways the situation can present itself. Often, the disorders co-exist without one having led to the other. And at times, one disorder is more serious than the other. Challenges during evaluation arise when trying to identify which disorder appeared first, how the conditions relate to each other, and which is more severe.

Many people struggling with mental health disorders begin using alcohol or drugs to suppress their symptoms. For instance, an individual with an anxiety disorder may drink to feel more comfortable in social settings. Major depressive disorder patients might take drugs to boost their energy levels and overcome feelings of hopelessness and sadness.

Drugs or alcohol provide temporary relief from the symptoms but cause more damage in the long run. When a person with a mental health illness develops a substance use disorder, they experience worse psychological symptoms.


The Need for Dual Diagnosis

Addictive substances and mental health illnesses affect the same areas of the brain, making co-occurring disorders more challenging to treat. Therefore, it takes more therapies and a longer rehabilitation program to address the psychological and emotional impact of the disorders.

If you have a co-occurring disorder, it’s crucial to know that the condition shares risk factors. Genetics, environment, and past emotional or physical trauma can contribute to the development of either substance use or mental health illness. Making the necessary environmental changes and receiving therapeutic help from our dual diagnosis center enables successful treatment for co-existing disorders.


Why Dual-Diagnosis Is Effective

Dual diagnosis remains effective for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, the goal is to not simply treat the addiction and get the patient through detox but to address why the patient began drug abuse (or other unhealthy activities) in the first place. By doing so, the patient can leave treatment more confident, more complete, and better equipped to cope with future challenges.

Additional benefits of dual-diagnosis care include:

  • Go beyond just physical symptoms – Regular detox programs only focus on the physical problem, but dual-diagnosis finds the link between the physical dependency and the mental illness that is worsening it.
  • Longer treatment – Dual diagnosis typically spans a longer period than regular addiction treatment, but this also means the patient can progress at a pace more comfortable to them and will have a lower likelihood of relapse as a result.
  • Dual-diagnosis teaches coping skills – There is much debate over whether addiction and mental illness can ever fully be cured, but with dual-diagnosis, the patient can get to the root causes of both and learn to recognize their triggers.
  • Understanding and acceptance of self – Dual-diagnosis patients have the unique opportunity to better understand themselves and how their mind operates. This leads to greater self-acceptance and the ability to take back control of their life.
  • Therapies that address not only addiction but the specific mental illness you are experiencing. These therapies may include dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, holistic modalities, and more.

The Enlight Difference

Dual Diagnosis Treatment
for Full Body Healing

At Enlight Treatment Center, we offer customized dual diagnosis treatment and addiction support to people dealing with severe conditions. With so many treatment centers to choose from, what makes Enlight stand out? We are proud that Enlight Treatment provides the following for all individuals undergoing our dual diagnosis program:

Vast Expertise in the Field

We are professionals with vast experience in Ventura dual diagnosis treatment, helping numerous individuals turn their lives around and overcome addiction for good. It’s this expertise that allows us to deal with even the more extreme cases and tackle effectively advanced conditions with outstanding long-term benefits.

Detoxification Services for Substance Abuse

The detox process deals with withdrawal and relies on medication and therapy to address addiction’s physiological effects fast. It is a critical procedure for controlling addiction’s effects, preventing relapse, and stabilizing the nervous system. We rely on patient-oriented detox to provide our clients with safety, comfort, and reliable results.

Structured Treatment

Our structured rehab protocol allows our experts to prepare for even the most unexpected situations. We can handle volatile addictions and aggravated mental health disorders with the same efficiency and professionalism thanks to an innovative treatment modality involving detox, dual diagnosis, residential treatment, and Incidental Medical Services. This approach offers patients structure and stability as they advance through the program, promoting safe and reliable recovery over the years.

Competent and Understanding Staff

Our patients get to recover in a supportive, calm, and comforting environment, where our competent staff will be by their side throughout the recovery process. We provide compassionate medical services and mental, emotional, and spiritual assistance for sustained healing and improved stability.

Premier Living Conditions

Our dual diagnosis rehab in Ventura, CA, occurs in a serene and luxurious facility in Ventura County. It sits in a natural oasis teeming with life and positivity, promoting healing and spiritual upliftment. You can take a swift virtual tour of our facility online, or you can come to our center in person to see for yourself what we offer.

Long-Lasting Solutions

Enlight provides patients with long-lasting solutions to relapse prevention and managing co-occurring disorders over the years. The goal is to help them live healthy, sober, and balanced lives post-rehab.

Personal Development Support

We strive to help people grow into better versions of themselves as they gain more confidence, optimism, and strength to pursue their newfound goals over the years. Contact our team at Enlight Treatment Center today to learn more!


Finding Healing with Enlight
Treatment Center

At Enlight Treatment center our focus is on improving both addiction and related mental illness, as well as teaching important coping methods that can be used for both long into the future. Long-term recovery is always the ultimate goal. If you’re suffering from addiction alongside a mental health condition don’t wait to get in touch with us. The time to regain control of your life is now. Contact us today! We look forward to supporting you on your journey to lasting sobriety and a brighter future.

Today Is A Great Day To Begin Healing

Our drug and alcohol rehab center offers treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders to help you or a loved one on your journey to recovery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Information You Need For Success

We suggest signing up for alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA, at a licensed rehab facility to help you commit to recovery whole-heartedly. Our patient-oriented substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County begins with medical detox, which helps control and reduces the intense withdrawal symptoms. Our supervised alcohol detox prevents fatal complications and reduces the pain and discomfort you may experience otherwise.

Speak to an admissions officer at a rehab facility to learn about your treatment options. You may also want to check with your insurance provider to learn about in-network treatment providers and the coverage details.

We highly recommend inpatient treatment for those battling alcoholism. Here are some of the top arguments in favor of inpatient rehab:

  1. You will receive around-the-clock clinical care and support from the clinical staff.
  2. You get to take time off from your everyday responsibilities and work-related commitments, allowing you more time and better peace of mind to focus on healing and recovery.
  3. Recovery at an inpatient facility can be a thorough immersive process and is ideal for those who have relapsed after rehab treatment in the past.

While inpatient treatment for alcohol rehabilitation lasts around 30 – 90 days or longer, it has the lowest relapse rates and optimizes your chance of attaining a safe, speedy, and successful recovery. Our inpatient substance use services include behavioral therapies, medical detox, counseling, 12-step meetings, and holistic programs.

The triggers and cravings can make it quite hard to maintain your commitment to sobriety after completing the rehab procedure. After rehab treatment, the last thing you want is to relapse and let your several months of hard work at a treatment center go down the drain.

Enrolling in care programs at a leading drug rehab and alcohol treatment facility can provide you with the structure and support required for ongoing recovery. Sharing your struggles with other people can also provide you with comfort and encourage you to keep fighting those triggers and cravings in your lifelong journey towards sobriety. Ongoing care programs provide you with an opportunity to seek support from mental health experts, allow you to share your journey with fellow recovering addicts, and help you stay strong in your recovery journey.

We at Enlight Treatment Center can help you break free from addiction. Get in touch with us at 1-866-604-0727 to learn more about our affordable addiction care. We are the #1 alcohol rehab in Ventura with highly effective treatments and therapies and a high success rate.

Yes, you do. Most alcoholism victims are unaware of how advanced their disorder is or whether they show signs of co-occurring mental issues on the side. We know that alcohol addiction never comes alone, as it usually links to co-occurring disorders like mental or emotional traumas, stress, grief, anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. This shows that the rehabilitation process is more complex and requires a carefully-tailored approach to ensure optimal results over time.

We rely on patient-oriented substance use services to ensure optimal recovery and minimize the psychological and physical discomfort during the rehab procedure. These services begin with in-depth clinical evaluation on-site and include:

  • Medical detoxification – The detox procedure involves medication, therapy, psychotherapy, and counseling in a secure, comfortable, and controlled environment. You will have a team of rehab clinicians supervising the recovery process, ready to intervene in case the procedure goes off track. The detox treatment is critical for stabilizing the nervous system, cleansing the body of any alcohol-related harmful components, and preparing patients for residential treatment.
  • Residential/inpatient treatment – The residential program is the core component of our alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA. The program places you in a controlled and comfortable environment at our facility, where you will adopt a long-lasting recovery routine and a structured and positive lifestyle. It involves recovery procedures like psychotherapy, family therapy, recreational activities, individual and group counseling, etc.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis program is another vital component of our substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County. It aims to identify and address underlying co-occurring disorders that may have triggered or fuel your addiction and impact your recovery rate. The dual diagnosis treatment is a necessary addition to rehab, as it helps patients embrace a more stable and alcohol-free lifestyle over the years.

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