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Ventura County

Dual-Diagnosis Program

Treating the Mind, Body & Spirit

Why is Dual-Diagnosis Needed?

Our novel dual-diagnosis program in Ventura County is designed for clients experiencing a mental health condition alongside substance use disorder. We help resolve the root causes of these disorders and make long-term recovery possible. Dual-diagnosis treatment addresses both disorders concurrently, beginning with drug or alcohol use disorder then mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. This program is essential as the two often exist together.

Treating addiction & mental Health

What is Dual-Diagnosis?

Several conditions tend to run together. Two of the most common are mental health disorders and substance abuse, and millions of people across the country suffer from both. Sadly, there has been a stigma surrounding these disorders for a long time. Now, that stigma is getting lifted. We provide clients who suffer from these conditions access to resources they have long needed. At Enlight’s dual-diagnosis treatment center in Ventura, CA, we are proud to provide many evidence-based treatment approaches to help people in need.

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Treating Co-ocurring Mental Illness

How Will Dual-Diagnosis Help You Recover?

Sometimes, people develop mental health disorders as a consequence of what substance abuse does to their lives. In other cases, people with mental illnesses might not feel like their needs are being met by traditional medical therapies. Therefore, they end up addicted to drugs and alcohol instead. Regardless, it is impossible to separate the two issues. They need to be handled together, which is the expertise of our dual-diagnosis program in Ventura County.

How treatment Can Make a Difference

Benefits of Dual-Diagnosis

Many benefits come with enrolling in the dual diagnosis program at Enlight Treatment Center. The first is that clients will work with professionals who are familiar with the treatment of both issues. It is important to note that addiction treatment and mental health disorders are unique in the medical community. These issues cannot be diagnosed through bloodwork or imaging and require management by experienced professionals who understand these problems. This is one of the main benefits of our dual-diagnosis program.

In addition, when clients enroll in our dual-diagnosis program, they meet with other clients who have been experiencing similar issues. While access to medical professionals is essential, overcoming these obstacles requires so much more, including learning from others who understand and have had the same experiences. Clients can also listen to what has happened in the lives of others and realize that they are not alone and that, like everyone else, their issues can be managed and overcome as well. This is the other main benefit of our dual-diagnosis program in Ventura County.

Evidence-Based Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Dual-Diagnosis in Ventura County, California

Our dual-diagnosis treatment in Ventura County specifically helps clients who suffer from mental health disorders and substance abuse. Our professionals work hard to get to know all of our clients personally. We believe that by getting to know our clients better, we can provide more targeted care. We understand that each of our clients has a unique story to tell, and we are here to listen. Once we determine how the two disorders are related, we can develop an effective treatment strategy. Finally, we establish an evidence-based treatment plan that works, including intensive individual and group therapy that allows clients to gain insight into anxiety, depression, and substance use disorder. Family therapy sessions are also vital, as family support is critical to continued recovery and growth. We also have experienced and caring doctors on staff to prescribe specific and appropriate medication when needed. We tailor each treatment plan to meet the unique needs of our clients and help them make healthy and empowering choices leading to healing and overall wellbeing.

Healing Your Mind & Body for good

Begin Your Journey of Recovery at Our Dual-Diagnosis Program in Ventura County, California

Enlight Treatment Center is a unique drug & alcohol rehab in Ventura County, CA. We are proud to provide detox and inpatient rehab for addiction and substance abuse disorders. In addition, we also offer a unique dual-diagnosis program. We combine traditional treatment with modern therapies to help our clients overcome substance abuse for good. Our providers have a tremendous amount of training in dealing with medical and mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and other disorders. We would be honored to share our experience and help you and your family rediscover peace, harmony, and healing. If you would like to learn more about our services, please give us a call today.

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