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Ventura County, California

Gambling Addiction Treatment

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Gambling in America

Gambling Addiction in California

Do you remember the thrill you got when you placed that first bet?  Do you remember how good you felt when you won that first pot? No doubt it was a feeling like you could never top.  Unfortunately, just as is the case with any addiction, soon that thrill wore off as you found that it took more and more to bring on even an inkling of that first thrill.  

Gambling is like that.  In fact, it’s designed to be like that.  A lot of very intelligent people designed the games you play to be like that, people who are mathematicians, statisticians, and other types of whiz kids work closely with the casinos, card rooms, and other dens of gambling to make sure that not only do you bring your money to them, but that you don’t leave before you part with all of it, whether it’s at the tables or the buffet lines.

There’s also a lot of psychology behind gambling.  Did you ever wonder why you never see a clock in a casino?  It’s because they want you to lose track of time. They design casinos so that you enter a trance-like state where bright lights, the lack of natural daylight, and the absence of clocks keep you lulled into continually pulling out your wallet, with only the faintest flicker of hope that you will ever see any of your money again.  With so much working against you, should there be any wonder that so many people become addicted to gambling?

Understanding Gambaling Addiction

What Defines a Gambling Problem?

A gambling addiction is simply a compulsion for someone to gamble despite the toll that it might be taking on their life.  The size of the bets are irrelevant. To a great extent, the human brain responds to gambling in the same way that it responds to drugs and alcohol.  A gambling addiction can lead to many related problems. These include job loss, bankruptcy, poor physical and mental health and more.

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How to Help a Gambling Addict

How to Treat Gambling Addiction

Treating a gambling addiction is much like treating an addiction to drugs and alcohol.  For better or for worse, treating a gambling addiction begins the same way as treating the substance abuse addiction, with an admission that a person has a problem controlling their compulsion to gamble.  If a person refuses to admit that they have a gambling problem, but that they have the symptoms, chances are good that they are a problem gambler. This might lead to several courses of action, from an employer pressuring them to get treatment to a family arranging an intervention.  Regardless of the method, the treatment actually comes down to the addict finally admitting that they have a control problem.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

How We Can Help

At Enlight Treatment Center in Moorpark, California, we have years of experience treating addictions of all types.  We treat not only gambling addictions, but also drug and alcohol abuse problems. We treat them all with the same proven in-house detox and inpatient treatment program that has led so many to lead new, addiction-free lives.  At Enlight Treatment Center, our program allows the sufferer to confront the problems that have led to their addictions, which is a proven way to treat addictions in the long run, not just a band-aid approach to addiction recovery.

Enlight Treatment Center is an in-house gambling addiction treatment center in California, which allows patients to kick their pasts out the front door as they come to concentrate on solving their addiction issues.  While patients are here, nothing matters except them and the solutions we introduce to them that will make them feel like whole humans again. You will probably come to like it here as so many other of our patients report that they have.  Between the facility and the other patients, we’re not sure sometimes who our new guests like more. Regardless, we know that everyone here is on your side to make your addiction-free life possible.

Find Your Path to Lasting Recovery

Overcome Gambling Addiction in Ventura County, California

Have you, a friend, or a loved one come to the end of the rope?  Is there no place left to turn? Has gambling taken over their life?  Sometimes the symptoms are so obvious, but they are often camouflaged with lies and other deceptive practices that they are hard to see.  At Enlight Treatment Center in Moorpark, we have trained specialists who know what to look for in a person with all sorts of addictions. Not only that, but we can offer real solutions to any of these addictions.  Why not come in or contact us today to see how we might be a way to a whole new way of living an addiction-free life? We can make it happen to you just as we have for so many other people who have ventured past the comfort zone in search of a new addiction-free life.

Recovery awaits you…

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