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Gambling Addiction Treatment


Oftentimes when we talk about addiction treatment, people consider drug addiction or substance addiction. However, gambling addiction is another prevalent form of compulsion often associated with mental illness. Fortunately, addiction treatment services that cater directly to the challenges you are facing are available. If you or a loved one is seeking addiction treatment, we encourage you to seek gambling addiction programs that provide long-term healing.

What Defines a Gambling Problem?

Gambling addiction is a compulsion to gamble despite the escalating negative consequences that may be occurring. To a great extent, the human brain responds to gambling in the same way that it responds to alcohol and drug abuse. Gambling addicts experience many of the same problems that those who struggle with substance abuse issues face.

Gambling becomes a problem when compulsive gambling tendencies negatively impact family members, the overall health of the individual, or financial situations. These include job loss, bankruptcy, loss of relationships, poor physical and mental health, and more. Keep in mind that gambling addiction is not only seen at casinos. In fact, many of those with addiction feel their compulsion most in regards to online gambling and associated games


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Gambling Addiction in California


Do you remember the thrill you got when you placed that first bet? Do you remember how good you felt when you won that first pot? Many compulsive gamblers know this is a feeling you could never top. Unfortunately, just as is the case with any addiction, the “high” of gambling is often overcome by negative side effects.

There’s tremendous psychology behind gambling. Did you ever wonder why you never see a clock in a casino? It’s because they want you to lose track of time. Casinos are designed to enter you into a trance-like state where bright lights, the lack of natural daylight, and the absence of clocks hypnotize you into losing your last dollar. With so much working against you, should there be any wonder that so many people become addicted to gambling?

gambling addiction treatment california

Gambling Addiction Treatment California


Treating a gambling addiction is much like treating an addiction to drugs and alcohol. In fact, treating a gambling addiction in Ventura County, California, begins the same way as treating a substance abuse addiction: by admitting a person has a problem and can’t control their compulsion to gamble. I

If a person refuses to acknowledge that they have a gambling problem but have the symptoms, the chances are good that they are a problem gambler. This might lead to several courses of action, from an employer pressuring them to get help, to a family arranging an intervention. Regardless of the method, treatment comes down to the addict finally admitting that they have a problem.


How We Can Help You Overcome Gambling Addiction

At Enlight Treatment Center in Moorpark, California, we have years of experience treating addictions of all types with the help of our mental health services administration. We treat not only those with a gambling disorder but also drug and alcohol abuse problems with the same proven in-house detox and inpatient treatment program that has led many to lead new, addiction-free lives.

Our rehab in Ventura County allows clients who are suffering to confront the root problems that have led to their addictions. This is a proven way to treat addictions in the long run and not just a band-aid approach to addiction recovery. We provide extensive services that help individuals overcome problem gambling, including behavior therapy, gamblers anonymous, and the tools and skills needed to help compulsive gamblers develop coping skills when temptations arise.

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment for You

Enlight Treatment Center provides in-house gambling addiction treatment in Ventura, California, allowing clients to fully concentrate on solving their addiction issues and regain hope and optimism about their future. We are here to support you and are working to make your addiction-free life a reality. If you or a loved one has a compulsive gambling problem, reach out to us at any time. We are here to support you as you navigate the journey of overcoming addiction, every step of the way.

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