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Incidental Medical Services (IMS) Near You

How IMS Aides Addiction Recovery?

What Exactly is IMS?

For those who might not know, incidental medical services are another form of medical care that people might need when they seek treatment for addiction. When someone comes to see us for the treatment of mental health and substance abuse disorders, they might have other needs that need to be addressed as well. While substance abuse and mental health issues tend to go hand in hand, both of these tend to fall under the umbrella of psychiatry. What about the medical needs that don’t fit under this umbrella? Are there resources available or them? This is where incidental medical services are important.

What exactly is IMS?

Why We Need IMS

Mental health issues impact millions of people across the country. Sadly, many people go without adequate addiction treatment options. Often, this has to do with the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. This stigma has limited the number of resources that are available to those in need. Now, this attitude is starting to change. This means that people are more easily able to access the resources they need. In addition to taking care of someone’s mental health issues and substance abuse problems, it is important to manage their medical needs as well. This is where the incidental medical services from Enlight Treatment Center can be helpful. It is critical for everyone to know about these incidental medical services and how they can help someone during the treatment of addiction.

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What Should I Expect?

What Does IMS Entail?

When someone discusses incidental medical services, they refer to medical services that are available to help those who have other medical issues that might arise as a direct result of or during the treatment of addiction. For example, some people might have other chronic medical conditions that need to be treated along with substance abuse issues. This might include medical issues that arise during detox, such as withdrawal. Even though someone might be focused on creating a substance abuse disorder, it is just as important to focus on other medical issues as well. This is where incidental medical services play an important role.

What exactly is IMS?

Why is IMS Important?

The purpose of incidental medical services is to manage medical issues that might arise during the treatment of addiction. For example, when someone goes through withdrawal from alcohol, there are going to be a number of medical problems that might arise. First, people might suffer from changes in their heart rate and respiratory rate. They might also develop a fever. A medical specialist can help someone manage these symptoms as they go through the various stages of withdrawal. This can make the symptoms easier to bear.

For those who go through withdrawal from benzos, the symptoms might be even more severe. One of the biggest issues that might arise with this withdrawal is the development of seizures. Seizures take place when the neurons of the brain start to fire out of control. This can lead to uncontrolled shaking. The team from incidental medical services will know how to address these issues and treat them appropriately. This is one of the most important examples of how incidental medical services can augment the treatment of drug abuse and addiction.

Why Do We Need IMS Services?

Our Incidental Medical Services Near You in California

Even for those who come to drug abuse for that explicit purpose, incidental medical services can still help you. The job of incidental medical services is to make the visit easier for those who are there. Not everyone is going to need incidental medical services to manage the acute issues that are going to arise as a direct consequence of withdrawal. That is fine. The team from incidental medical services can also help people adjust to a new place, manage their stress, and even treat pain that might arise. 

It is important to remember that incidental medical services teams have extensive training in medicine. They are highly trained professionals as well. Therefore, everyone who works on the team at incidental medical services has the ability to provide a crucial service in our treatment center. We are honored to have them working with us. We would be happy to leverage our resources to help you recover from your addiction as well.

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At Enlight Treatment Center is a drug & alcohol addiction treatment center that is located in the scenic area of Moorpark, CA. We have worked hard to provide unique detox and inpatient treatment options for addiction. Furthermore, we also provide a state-of-the-art dual-diagnosis program that combines traditional treatment and modern therapies to help all of our clients not only get clean but stay clean as well. Our incidental medical services are a critical part of who we are. If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you or one of your loved ones, please contact us today.

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