What to Expect from a California Drug Detox

Substance abuse is all-consuming, often affecting every facet of everyday life. It is tumultuous for individuals suffering from addiction and their families, but the decision to go to drug rehab can lead to a lifetime of peace and freedom from drug dependence. It is a difficult decision, but knowing what to expect can be helpful to the process.

From San Francisco to Los Angeles and San Diego, California is home to some of the most sophisticated substance abuse treatment centers in the world. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from a drug detox at rehab centers in California.

Withdrawal Symptoms: How California Drug Rehab Centers Can Help

For many, the most challenging part of all substance abuse treatment is the detox process and the resulting withdrawal symptoms. Drug addiction changes the chemicals in the mind to depend on these substances, and detoxing after a period of intense consumption can be uncomfortable and painful. Nausea, anxiety, body pain, fever, and fatigue are all uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that can lead to more serious illnesses without proper medical care. 

That’s why finding a treatment facility with medically-trained staff is so critical to recovery. You will need the right group of professionals equipped and ready to help you mentally and physically handle these withdrawal symptoms. Drug abuse changes the body’s chemical makeup, but, with the right addiction treatment services, you can re-adjust to a clean lifestyle.In the case of severe withdrawals, some drug rehab centers may offer medication-assisted treatment for added relief during this challenging period.

Regardless of your level of addiction, it is important to always detox under the care of a medical professional. What may be an uncomfortable side effect for some ends up being dangerous, or even deadly for others, and it is important to have medical support nearby to help you navigate this process. 

Full-Body Healing with Rehab Centers in California

Once you have completed the detox process, the journey to full recovery has only just  begun. Most individuals will pursue addiction treatment in the form of inpatient and outpatient services after the detox process concludes.

California drug rehabs are dedicated to helping those suffering from addiction heal the mind, body, and spirit. Any medical provider would agree that people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction benefit tremendously from physical healing through yoga, meditation, acupuncture, or general exercise. Treatment centers across the state offer these practices to accompany traditional drug rehab, making treatment programs ideal for holistic treatment.

Mental Health Services During Addiction Treatment

Rehab programs are not just about addiction recovery, they are about helping patients find peace and freedom from substance abuse in their everyday lives through a focus on mental health and wellness. The right program for you may even have access to a dual-diagnosis program, so individuals can simultaneously focus on healing addiction alongside mental health challenges. 

Substance abuse treatment is full-body healing, designed to create long-term sobriety and success, and treatment centers in California are ready to help facilitate full-body healing, which includes body, mind, and soul. We recommend seeking treatment centers in California that offer behavioral health support via mental health services administration at their treatment facility. 

Taking the Next Step Towards A Sober Future: Professional Detox and Addiction Treatment

If you are seeking rehab in California that provides compassionate care and understanding for your unique needs, reach out to us at Enlight Treatment Center. Our unique treatment center provides substance use treatment and drug rehab for those experiencing significant challenges in becoming sober and staying sober.

Our focus on behavioral health in conjunction with a detox program that is equipped to deal with any challenges that may arise during the beginning stages of substance abuse treatment, make Enlight one of the most highly sought after rehab centers in California.

If you have questions surrounding drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or what to expect when navigating rehab in California, reach out to us at any time. We are here to support your journey to sobriety and beyond.

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