Which Professions are More Likely to Have Employees that Engage in Substance Use?

When looking at substance use disorders (SUDs), you look at the person who is going through this situation and wonder what happened to them and how everything started. Well, most of those who engage in substance use are actually working professionals. It is important to consider if employment is a prevalent culprit of substance use and why.

Food Service Industry

Workers in the food service industry fall at the top of the list for professions that are most likely to have employees who engage in substance use or who have a SUD. When employees are younger, they may engage in substance use simply to fit in or because they think it will help them to be a part of the team and have friends. However, many young people don’t yet realize that employees are simply environment acquaintances and that the relationships forged through working in the same place are not usually long-lasting or beneficial, especially at their first job. For those employees who are adults, their situation looks very different. If you ask an older adult why the ended up working in the food industry, especially at fast food locations, unless they have a passion for food, are a franchise owner, or obtained a management position, most of them did not envision working that type of job at that point in their life. Many people had bigger hopes and dreams for themselves and maybe life just didn’t work out the way they anticipated. Having to work long hours, usually overtime, for minimum wage can be quite taxing on a person. Some of these employees may even feel guilt or shame because of the position that they are in, which to them, is a valid reason to engage in substance use as a means of escaping their reality.

Management Positions

Those employees who are in management positions or who have a lot of responsibilities at work such as those in positions involving information technology can have the tendency to engage in substance use for a number of reasons. When working on large projects, they may have to stay at the office late or take their work home with them in order to complete it, which can cause them to work longer than normal hours. In these situations, they may find themselves needing a boost to stay awake and be productive, which is how they start using substances. Employees in this position may also feel overwhelmed and stressed about brokering large deals, meeting with important clients, or creating presentations to give to higher-ups within the company they work for. In these cases, they may use a substance in order to help calm their nerves and relax while they get their work done. While it may be a one time or occasional occurrence, it can easily develop to the point of dependence which is one way that SUDs come to life.

Entertainment Industry

Substance use in the entertainment industry is fairly self-explanatory. Many people in the spotlight have a lot of money and the ability, time, and freedom to do whatever they want. For these people, especially newcomers, partying can be very enticing and the substances that go along with the parties are not in short supply. What is unfortunate about those in the entertainment industry is that a good time can often turn into escaping feelings. Entertainers of all kinds have noted feeling alone or being under too much pressure, which are reasons for their prolonged substance use. It is hard to imagine someone feeling like this in their position, but they are people too and they are not exempt from mental health issues or emotions just like everyone else. The worst part about substance use or SUDs in the entertainment industry is that because there are so many options available in such large quantities, many people have prematurely passed away due to substance use. It was just an accident, but it cost them their lives, and that has a tendency to make you think about your own life.

If you are currently suffering from a SUD, there is a chance that you may feel as though you have lost your way. You may have started using substances as a means to alleviate work stress and it simply went too far. You may not understand why you are where you are or how to find a way out. We want to help you get back on track. Make a personal investment in yourself and get help today. Having a team and really community of support to help get you through can offer piece of mind and a sense of security. At Enlight Treatment Center, we emphasize care and comfort and we want to be that team for you to help you overcome issues and get back to your best self. Whether you have questions or want to visit our facility and talk with us in person, we are always here for you. You can call us at (805)719-7954 or schedule a tour of our facility at 11811 Darlene Lane, Moorpark, CA 93021.

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